All New AbraxSys Display Systems Covered By Comprehensive Three-Year Warranty

All new AbraxSys rugged displays and industrial computer systems are covered by a comprehensive “bumper to bumper” three-year warranty. Ongoing quality initiatives such as the Commitment to Service Excellence program have increased AbraxSys display product life, reliability and quality, earning AbraxSys top marks in an independent customer survey. As a result, AbraxSys has extended the warranty for all newly purchased AbraxSys products from two years to an industry-leading three-year warranty.

AbraxSys customers expect unshakable confidence in their AbraxSys display systems up-time and critical operations performance. Reducing unexpected future repair cost gives AbraxSys customers more budgetary stability and freedom. In the unlikely event of a repair service, AbraxSys customers enjoy the greatest possible convenience and speed in getting their systems on track.

“The three-year standard warranty is yet another way we’re helping them achieve their business, project and production goals.” said Jeff Dandy, Vice President of AbraxSys Systems Group. “Our customers have come to expect the highest quality from AbraxSys.”

A typical AbraxSys product depending on the usage and conditions, is in service for eight to ten years typically and often much longer. AbraxSys offers Assurance Plans for repair and refurbishment services to sustain customer confidence in systems performance. AbraxSys Assurance Plans are available at a lower cost when included with new displays and computer systems than when purchased after product implementation.

The AbraxSys Warranty Assurance Plan offers extensive benefits such as unlimited technical support, priority service, six-month warranty extension if a repair is needed, and electrostatic discharge (ESD) and electrical overload stress (EOS) coverage.

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