“Industrial” grade versus “Consumer/Commercial” grade LCD products

Many “industrial-grade” product manufacturers sell on solely on ‘price’ and in doing so they must compete in terms of selling prices with other less-costly “industrial-grade” product manufacturers. How do they sell so cheaply? It’s simple….most repackage consumer grade off-the-shelf LCD monitors. They extract the LCD and electronics, reassemble them in cheaply made metal housings and call them Industrial Grade.

Certainly, AbraxSys could purchase these types of consumer grade products from the same distribution channels and repackage them in similar housings and enter the “cheaply made industrial grade LCD” marketplace. But AbraxSys’ business model is different and as such an alternate path was chosen in terms of engineering high-quality, innovative rugged computer systems and LCD products.

In order to effectively combat 24/7/365 usage, high humidity environments, extended operational temperature applications, DC power spikes, etc., during the initial product design stages AbraxSys carefully considers each component to be utilized within a specific design so as to ensure that the finished product can withstand such harsh treatment.

The weakest electrical component within an “industrial” grade system dictates how effective the overall product will be in demanding applications. Use the cheapest integrated circuits, liquid crystal displays, power supplies, high-voltage inverters and you’ll have a product destined for problems. AbraxSys selects only the highest grade ‘parts’. The ruggedness of these internal components and their inherent tolerance to harsh environments provide a display instrument with truly “industrial” capabilities.

In contrast, other manufacturers jockeying for price must utilize the cheapest cost components available in order to maintain a competitive price advantage in the “cheaply made industrial grade LCD” marketplace. This includes the use of low-to-mid-level LCD panels, controller boards, critical power components, etc.

Often the “budget-grade industrial” LCD company has no idea who even actually manufactured the most critical internal system components within “their” monitor as they simply purchased a plastic-desktop LCD, removed the plastic housing and transferred the LCD and existing electronics housing into their enclosure. There’s been no thought given to graphics chipsets, end-of-life (EOL) time-frames for components, integrated circuit quality, power supply and inverter reliability data, grade level of LCD panel, etc. AbraxSys, on the other hand, can explain in detail every component, its performance characteristics, EOL, etc.

Varying operational temperature extremes will have a negative impact on electronics. So, AbraxSys utilizes a number of unique thermal management systems which makes the displays fit for the harshest temperature environments. Some of AbraxSys’ models can even operate effectively for long periods of time at -40°C / -40°F MIL-STD-810F to +70°C / +160°F MIL-STD-810F. “Budget” type products certainly don’t offer such safeguards.

As devices for displaying various types of information and images in many diverse environments, customers are demanding greater sophistication and diversity from displays. To meet the growing demand for higher image quality, greater energy efficiency, and improved environmental performance such as greater resistance to shock and vibration and operational temperature capabilities, AbraxSys selects only the highest quality LCD modules. The results are easily seen in outstanding image reproduction, vivid images in any ambient light environment, wider viewing angles, greater color gamut and much, much more. Original Equipment Manufacturers of amorphous-silicon color thin-film-transistor (TFT) liquid crystal display (LCD) modules take into account the special needs of the industrial market and leverage cutting edge technology and cultivated know-how that it then uses in the design of their advanced true “Industrial Grade” LCD modules.

Here again in contrast, the low-end ‘industrial’ display “manufacturers” must purchase only cheaply made office/home grade LCD panels.  We truly do build top-end systems and do not try to compete with the cheaply made units often coming out of Asia and/or local “repackaging” companies.  And, we offer an exceptional THREE YEAR WARRANTY for most models.

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