AbraxSys Releases a Rugged Dual 8.4 inch LCD Screen COTS Rack Mount Display System

Dual Screen Military Rack Mount LCDAbraxSys Corporation, a manufacturer of rugged and sunlight readable display systems, announces the release of its new DRM-084 model rugged rack mount dual screen LCD. This unit is designed for COTS military applications but is a desirable solution for many other industrial environments. Occupying only 4 rack units (4U) of a standard 19 inch EIA RS310 C equipment rack, the DRM-084 manages to have two high resolution 8.4” LCD screens with completely independent video inputs and OSD controls, with image reproduction that out performs displays available in a similar mechanical form factor.

This COTS dual LCD display is rugged, reliable and engineered for the most demanding environments. Each 8.4” LCD measures 450 nits (cd/m2) brightness, and has an optically bonded anti-reflective protective window or touch screen for superior optical performance in high light areas as well as added protection throughout rugged environments. The DRM-084 operates in a very wide temperature range of -30°C to +85°C (-22°F to 183°F). Each 8.4” TFT-LCD features wide viewing angles of 80R/80L – 80U/60D, Picture-in-Picture (PiP) and Picture-Outside-Picture (PoP) support, and Solid State LED long-life back-lighting.

Consistent rugged design through out every aspect of this system, the DRM-084 has a front bezel which is fabricated from heavy-duty, high-grade aluminum and the rear chassis is constructed from cold-rolled steel increasing the strength of the finished product using strain hardening by as much as 20 percent.

The DRM-084 uses the latest controllers and is capable of operating various legacy video formats through its unique internal signal recognition system. Various configuration options for specific applications including sunlight readable technology (1500 nits high brightness), various AC & DC power inputs, various touch screen technologies, conformal coating of all internal circuit boards, 3-buffered unity gain BNC outputs, an assortment of computer and video input connections, and even wireless remote control operation.

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