New Anti-Reflective Protective Impact Window

anti-reflective screenThe AbraxSys new high performance, anti-reflective, protective impact window boasts a virtually invisible anti-reflective coating delivering the finest imagery in crystal clear color neutrality, while its UV-filtering, abrasion resistant acrylic, and anti-static coating result in uncompromising protection and preservation.

  • Virtually eliminates reflections
  • Blocks up to 99% of UV rays
  • Optimal light transmission protects and brightens colors
  • Anti-static protection that immediately dissipates static
  • Durable hard coat protects against scratches
  • Shatter resistance safeguards against injury and damage to the LCD panel
  • Cleans like glass – no special cleaners needed
  • Proprietary coating is engineered for permanence

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AbraxSys Announces PCAP Projected Capacitive Touch Screen LCD Monitors

PCAP touch screen

Whether your imaging system demands single touch or multi-touch with gestures, AbraxSys’ newly released next generation Multi-Touch and Standard Touch projected capacitive touch screen technologies deliver unmatched performance and touch interface solutions for your industrial grade touch screen requirements.

AbraxSys manufactures Multi-Touch and Standard Touch projected capacitive touch screen products for a wide array of display applications including medical, military, industrial and aerospace. Whether AbraxSys touch screens are utilized in touch enabled military land navigation systems, cockpit instrumentation, point of sale or handheld medical devices, AbraxSys’ touch screen technologies produce outstanding imaging and unrivaled durability.

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AbraxSys Debuts a New 19.0″ SXGA Rugged LCD Display Line

19 inch Industrial LCD

AbraxSys debuts another model line of 19″ ruggedized LCD monitors. These 19″ models take care of a rising demand for higher quality, hardened display units than ordinarily accessible through other industry providers. This recently launched series offers such attributes as SXGA 1280 x 1024 resolution, 450 nits, broadened operational temperature ranges, high end TFT boards, a vast array of inputs including VGA, DVI, S-Video. DisplayPort, HDMI, and Composite, and available for any conceivable mechanical setup required for industrial, signage, point of sale or outdoor monitors.

New 19.0″ Industrial LCD Monitors:

19.0″ NEMA 4 Panel Mount LCD  |  19.0″  NEMA 4X Panel Mount LCD

19.0″ VESA Mount LCD  |  19.0″ Rack Mount LCD

AbraxSys Includes DisplayPort Interface for the Majority of AbraxSys LCD Products

DisplayPort Configuration

The DisplayPort video interface delivers higher performance imaging than any other digital video interface. Developed to replace outdated, less versatile standards like DVI and VGA. Opening up new capabilities in display imaging, digital displays and consumer electronics, DisplayPort is the coming standard and it’s available on the majority of AbraxSys industrial and high bright LCD models.

For the full announcement click: DisplayPort for industrial and sunlight readable monitor models

AbraxSys Releases New 17” Ultra-Rugged Military, Marine, and Industrial Grade LCD

17 inch Military Panel Mount LCDAbraxSys releases the MRM-170, a new 17” rugged LCD NEMA 4 (IP65) rated display for use in extreme vibration and/or harsh weather conditions found in many land-based, airborne and shipboard military applications.

The MRM-170 is designed with shock and vibration safeguards in mind and includes provisions for extreme temperature operation, high moisture protection, and Electromagnetic Environmental Interference safety.

This ultra-rugged unit can be fitted with an LED Filter Backlight for NVIS Operation. The MRM-170 has a Solid State LED Backlight and Full-Range Dimming to black. Target application platforms for the MRM-170 rugged COTS LCD monitors include: fixed-wing aircraft, helicopters, surface ships, submarines, ground vehicles (not just military), mobile shelters and even harsh duty industrial environments.

AbraxSys’ MRM-170 COTS Military grade LCD monitor features an 800 nits (cd/m2) very bright LED-backlit LCD with a 1000:1 contrast ratio. The LCD support SXGA native resolution 1280 x 1024 and 16.2 million colors for a vibrant display. The system also offers Cold Start-Up @ -25°C 3min. usable picture and 20 minutes to full specification. Available options include NVIS, touch screen, strengthened frontal glass, varying video inputs and even unique video signal support through an advanced signal recognition controller.

Additionally, the MRM-170 is a suitable replacement for the Barco MRFD-243.

Visit the MRM-170 Product Page

AbraxSys Begins Migration to Single ITO Projected Capacitive Touch Technology

AbraxSys begins migration to Single ITO Projected Capacitive touch screen technology. The transition will begin with it’s popular 15.6” models. Single ITO Capacitive is noteworthy for its slim border formed with etching technology. The XY electrodes reside on the same glass. The SITO one-glass solution delivers thin and light properties, making it ideal for minimizing the overall weight of the systems.

This SITO technology offers a sensitive, accurate and fast touch response. It can be easily customized to work with a device’s unique bezel and electronic requirements. The touch sensor can be constructed so trace routing is eliminated from up to three sides causing an increased touch area and expanded area for application development. SITO can also be bonded and co-molded to a plastic bezel for unique finish looks and styling. The touch electronics consisting of analog and microprocessor chips with firmware, can be easily integrated and implemented into a large variety of applications.

Single-Layer Projected Capacitive Features and Benefits:
• Light-touch operation.
• Low power usage
• Lower cost vs two- and three–layer projected capacitive touch screens
• Multi-touch supporting up to 10 points. Supports gestures such as flicking and zooming.
• Glove-operation available
• High transparency delivers a clear display appearance.
• Operates when glass is scratched or broken
• A stylish flat interface is available with the covering glass / covering acrylic options.
• No touch screen parts physically moves at detection. Functional degradation rarely occurs even towards the end of product life.
• Projected capacitive touch screens are tough, weather-resistant, and their functionality is not affected by ultraviolet radiation.

SITO Technology Structure

AbraxSys Releasing a New Ultra-Rugged 17” WIDE WUXGA LCD Line

17 inch WUXGA Rugged LCDAbraxSys has expanded it’s high definition wide format industrial LCD products with the coming release of an ultra-rugged 17” wide format LCD panel. This line of very ruggedly constructed LCDs feature WUXGA (1920 x 1200) resolution and are available with touch screen. Designed for continuous operation, these new 17” rugged displays can operate in temperatures of -20°C to +70°C with wider operational temperatures also available. The series provides a remarkable standard brightness of 600 nits as well as a 1000 nit sunlight readable model.

This series offers many advanced features such as:

  • Excellent Brightness: Standard 600 nits (cd.m2) with 1000 nit option
  • Solid State, Long-Life LED (100,000+ hours half-life)
  • High Contrast Ratio: 2000:1
  • Wide Color Gamut 16,000,000 Colors
  • Excellent Chromaticity, RGB Color Space
  • In-Plane Switching (IPS) Technology with 176° Vertical and 176° Horizontal Viewing Cone
  • VGA (HD15), DVI, Composite, S-video, HDMI inputs
  • Comprehensive Mechanical Configurations: Panel Mount (IP65/IP66), Rack Mount, VESA Mount
  • Shock & Vibration Built-in Safeguards for Harsh-Duty Applications
  • Wide Operational Temperature Range: -20°C to +70°C and available with even wider operational temperature range.
  • .250” to .375” Black Textured 6061 Grade Aluminum Bezel and Chassis (configuration dependent)
  • 3mm Optical Grade No-Sparkle AG or AR Protective Impact Window or Touch Screen
  • Ideally suited for various harsh environments where dust, dirt, moisture, splashing water, hose directed spray, and various other caustic contaminants like oil, chemicals, etc.

Environmental sustainability remains the critical requirement in the AbraxSys product designs. Industrial applications designed for vehicles, wet or high temperature environments, or outdoor high ambient light applications demand special features and components. Extreme environmental conditions – high or low temperature operation or thermal shock, high humidity, electromagnetic disturbances and low temperature start up – cover most of these specialized demands. Since peripheral failures often result in high costs and down time, the system provide extreme reliability under every possible operating condition, and must provide tor the highest level of failure tolerance. Wide Temperature Testing ensures the display system’s reliability before hand under extreme condition environments.

AbraxSys uses only high performance pre-qualified components to operate without interruption in extreme temperatures. Each model undergoes a rigorous mandatory testing for operation under extreme temperatures. The test ensures AbraxSys systems continues to operate properly from the low-end and high-end of the required operational temperature range.

Testing Results

Some optional configurable add-on features include various dimming controls, 12/24V DC * 9-36VDC * Universal AC power supplies, touch screen, and extended temperature ranges, sunlight readability (1000 nits) high-brightness panels, conformal coating of all internal electronics, private labeling, plus more.

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AbraxSys Enhances Website for Customers by Increasing Mobile and Contact Functionality

AbraxSys Corp announces increased website functionality including mobile browsing compatibility to AbraxSys website now carries the “Mobile Friendly” label in Google’s mobile search results.

AbraxSys on Mobile“We are constantly seeking ways to better serve our customers.” said AbraxSys Corp. representative Keith Henderson. “Because we are an industrial grade LCD and computer manufacturer, the majority of our customers are in an office sitting at a desk, 85% of our website visitors still come from a desktop computer. However, the number of visitors who access our site through mobile devices is growing quickly and we want to provide a responsive experience for that segment of the industrial computing market.”

AbraxSys Corp. has also added a new contact button in the top right of its web pages. When clicked, the button triggers the appearance of a sliding contact form. The form allows the visitor to stay on the page they are browsing while requesting contact. In 2014, AbraxSys Corp. added a product specific quote form to each of its product pages.

“We wanted our customers to be able to see the products or services while they were requesting more details.” explained Henderson. “It has led to more complete forms with better insights into what the customer’s needs are going to be. 60% of our products have customization requirements to accommodate specific customer needs and often rugged environments.”

AbraxSys Corporation is a leading manufacturer of rugged industrial, military, marine, and sunlight readable LCD displays, computers, and fully enclosed workstations.

AbraxSys Corporation
4939 Jamestown Avenue
Baton Rouge, Louisiana 70808, U.S.A.
Toll-Free (800)883-9050
International 001.225.928-4733

All New AbraxSys Display Systems Covered By Comprehensive Three-Year Warranty

All new AbraxSys rugged displays and industrial computer systems are covered by a comprehensive “bumper to bumper” three-year warranty. Ongoing quality initiatives such as the Commitment to Service Excellence program have increased AbraxSys display product life, reliability and quality, earning AbraxSys top marks in an independent customer survey. As a result, AbraxSys has extended the warranty for all newly purchased AbraxSys products from two years to an industry-leading three-year warranty.

AbraxSys customers expect unshakable confidence in their AbraxSys display systems up-time and critical operations performance. Reducing unexpected future repair cost gives AbraxSys customers more budgetary stability and freedom. In the unlikely event of a repair service, AbraxSys customers enjoy the greatest possible convenience and speed in getting their systems on track.

“The three-year standard warranty is yet another way we’re helping them achieve their business, project and production goals.” said Jeff Dandy, Vice President of AbraxSys Systems Group. “Our customers have come to expect the highest quality from AbraxSys.”

A typical AbraxSys product depending on the usage and conditions, is in service for eight to ten years typically and often much longer. AbraxSys offers Assurance Plans for repair and refurbishment services to sustain customer confidence in systems performance. AbraxSys Assurance Plans are available at a lower cost when included with new displays and computer systems than when purchased after product implementation.

The AbraxSys Warranty Assurance Plan offers extensive benefits such as unlimited technical support, priority service, six-month warranty extension if a repair is needed, and electrostatic discharge (ESD) and electrical overload stress (EOS) coverage.