AbraxSys is Increasing the Performance Level of it’s 15” and 15.6” LED Displays with IPS Technology

AbraxSys announced today that it is increasing the performance level of its entire line of 15” (4:3) and 15.6” (16:10) LED-backlit LCD products to utilize In-Plane Switching technology. This is a major move to vastly increase the viewing angles of our 15” and 15.6” LCDs and continue offering the highest performing rugged LCD technology. The full transition is slated to take place late second quarter 2015.

In-Plane Switching (IPS) was one of the first significant improvements in the light-transmissive characteristics of TFT panels. Co-developed by Hosiden and NEC, IPS technology solves two main issues of a standard twisted nematic (TN) TFT display: Color and viewing angle.

IPS Technology

With IPS, the crystals are horizontally aligned across the screen rather than vertically, and the electrical field is applied between each end of the crystal molecules creating a lateral electric field. In this way, the crystals are kept parallel to the the electrode pair, which is parallel to the glass substrate of the screen. The liquid crystal molecules are not anchored to the lower glass substrate, therefore they resolve quickly into the desired alignment.

In a TN TFT display when one end of the liquid crystal is adhered to the lower glass substrate and a voltage is applied, the crystal compounds uncoil, altering the angle of polarization of the transmitted light. A downside of basic Twisted Nematic technology is that the alignment of liquid crystal molecules changes the further away from the anchored electrode, turning at right angles to the substrates. This degrades the flow of light causing diminishing contrast, impaired brightness and altering color definition at wider angles to the screen. IPS vastly improves viewing angles of TFT monitors.

IPS Technology Diagram


IPS Diagram


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