AbraxSys Begins Migration to Single ITO Projected Capacitive Touch Technology

AbraxSys begins migration to Single ITO Projected Capacitive touch screen technology. The transition will begin with it’s popular 15.6” models. Single ITO Capacitive is noteworthy for its slim border formed with etching technology. The XY electrodes reside on the same glass. The SITO one-glass solution delivers thin and light properties, making it ideal for minimizing the overall weight of the systems.

This SITO technology offers a sensitive, accurate and fast touch response. It can be easily customized to work with a device’s unique bezel and electronic requirements. The touch sensor can be constructed so trace routing is eliminated from up to three sides causing an increased touch area and expanded area for application development. SITO can also be bonded and co-molded to a plastic bezel for unique finish looks and styling. The touch electronics consisting of analog and microprocessor chips with firmware, can be easily integrated and implemented into a large variety of applications.

Single-Layer Projected Capacitive Features and Benefits:
• Light-touch operation.
• Low power usage
• Lower cost vs two- and three–layer projected capacitive touch screens
• Multi-touch supporting up to 10 points. Supports gestures such as flicking and zooming.
• Glove-operation available
• High transparency delivers a clear display appearance.
• Operates when glass is scratched or broken
• A stylish flat interface is available with the covering glass / covering acrylic options.
• No touch screen parts physically moves at detection. Functional degradation rarely occurs even towards the end of product life.
• Projected capacitive touch screens are tough, weather-resistant, and their functionality is not affected by ultraviolet radiation.

SITO Technology Structure

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